The South Dakota Legislature voted to pass HB 1008 on February 16, 2016.  This measure now sets into law the mandate for transgender students to use separate bathroom facilities from the gender with which they identify at schools, pending the Governor's signature.

A recent forum ten days prior to the vote included comments from South Dakota Senator David Omdahl from Sioux Falls regarding the transgender community.

"This is definitely a good bill," he said in defense of HB 1008. "What's this about?  This is about protecting our children. And I'm sorry if you're so twisted you don't know who you are."

"They are treating the wrong part of the anatomy," Omdahl added. "They ought to be treating up here [pointing to his head]."

His candid comments brought the crowd to a collective gasp as moderators reminded those attending to be quiet.

South Dakota Democratic Party Communications Director Michael Ewald commented on the passing of HB 1008.

"There hasn't been a single documented incident in South Dakota that proves the bill is necessary. It's a sad day for South Dakota."

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