Independent candidate for U.S. Senate Larry Pressler is struck by the parallels between what is happening in the Middle East and 40 years ago in Vietnam.  

Having served a tour as a soldier in the Vietnam conflict, Pressler says the troops being sent to Iraq is almost a repeat of the scene that played out in the 1960’s and 70’s.  “We didn’t solve any problems in the Vietnam civil war.  I’m a man in my 70’s crying out, ‘Why don’t we learn from our history.’  Let’s bring the troops home.  President Obama wants to send 3000 (troops to Iraq) and then they’ll get into some firefights and we’ll need some more (troops) to protect them.  It’s just a broken record.”

Pressler says the time and treasure spent conducting operations in the Middle East and elsewhere is beyond overdue for a pullout.  Unfortunately, there is more at stake than meets the eye.  “Our military industrial state is so powerful and gives so much money in these campaigns to both Democrats and Republicans.  The military industrial state wants to sell more weapons and have more independent contractors.  We have spent enough in Iraq.  We should pull out of there lock, stock and barrel.”

Pressler is facing fellow Independent candidate Gordon Howie, Democrat Rick Weiland and Republican Mike Rounds in the November election.