Many of us remember the days of filling the water reservoir and waiting for that light to come on so you could start the process of rolling up your hair. Choosing the right size roller for that one chunk of hair and using the color coordinated pin to hold that size. If you’ve packed those curlers away, it’s time to dust them off and plug them it.

If you like the soft, sexy curls hot rollers are the way to go. Amanda Breuer, owner of The Fix at Sola Salons said they give your hair that light, natural wave. But she warns don’t forget the thermal styling spray. “It will set and hold the curl,” she said.

Many of the new hot rollers use dry heat and are hot within a couple of minutes.

Also bangs made a comeback months before Michelle Obama showed up at the Inaugural Ceremonies with her new do.

More women are choosing to cut their long locks and sport bangs. For some it’s a difficult decision. Whether you go for the long, sweeping bangs or the short, blunt look, check out some websites and magazine hairstyles before you decide.

“More people are interested in bangs. Instead of layering hair, they are leaving the length and choosing face framing,” said Breuer.

Hair styles are similar to fashion, what was popular last year is out this year. Feathers were a hit but now they’re history.

Seasons bring about a change in color. As spring approaches more women will lighten up their hair leaving the darker colors for fall and winter. A new, funky style is called Ombre' haircolor.  It’s a style that colors the tips of your hair but your roots are more natural looking.

Not everyone likes the new style, on some, it looks like they’re in need of a dye job since the roots and ends are different colors of natural.

Breuer said many clients turn to the internet for help. “Pinterest is huge. More than half of my clients are finding new hair styles on Pinterest,” she said.

The cut and color aren’t the only concerns this time of year. Winter weather leaves hair damaged. Now is the time to get your hair back in shape. “Lately it’s been about the frizz. The dry weather damages hair,” Breuer said.

Argon oil serum is a product that reduces the frizz. There are different brands you can choose from.