September 30 looms as another deadline for Congress.  Our elected leaders are charged with numerous requirements in their position.  At the end of next month, new standards  for farm policy must be completed or some kind of continuing resolution deal struck to sustain the current measure lest rules from 60 plus years hence take their place.

South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem (R) continues the arduous task of finding the right reforms that can find broad support.  The pieces scattered along the road to the next Farm Bill include a measure passed by the Senate, but rejected by the House.  The House then split the actual Farming portion of the bill and passed that while still trying to work our the nutrition/food stamp segment which still hangs in the balance.  Noem says building a team of support is tough because enough people have to agree on the reforms.  Drug testing in order to enjoy the SNAP benefits is one and a work requirement is the other.

Noem Explains The Farm Bill Reforms Most Likely to Be Included

During the August Recess from Congress, Noem has been traveling the state, meeting with constituents and gauging what issues are most important.  Congress will return to Washington after Labor Day with the next session starting on September 9.