As the fervor fades from the annual address given by the President, additional analysis shows that there actually were a few nuggets worthy of bi-partisan support. 

South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem was part of the parade of legislators previewing Mr. Obama's speech on Tuesday.  The next day she joined Rick Knobe on Viewpoint University for more dissection.

When asked if there were 'ovation' worthy moments, Noem says she can approve the President's calls for hiring more veterans and structuring trade agreements to get the economy going. To hear more, listen to the link below.

Noem liked the trade and support for Veterans but little else.


Noem's time will be tied up mainly in the Ways and Means Committee which is dubbed the most powerful committee within the confines of the House of Representatives.  She serves on no other committees and just a couple of sub-committees.

The Republican says she is studying hard so that she can make a difference with this appointment.  Hear more at the link below.

The Ways and Means Committee will take up a lot of Noem's days in Washington


A Republican-led Congress may not be able to reform much of the tax code.  As debt continues to pile up, Noem is skeptical that much agreement will occur in the short term based on what the President laid out in his address.

Hear how the Congresswoman plans to step forward.

President Obama's agenda and potential tax reform could lead to a wider gap in the debt.