We now know the questions that Joop Bollen will have to answer in regard to his supervision of the EB-5 program in South Dakota.  However there is one more question, will he answer them?

The list of questions offered by Senator Larry Lucas (D-Mission) was released by the South Dakota Democrat Party on Friday with expectations that Bollen will submit his answers in writing for the South Dakota Legislature’s Government Audit and Operations Committee.

Lucas also stipulated that the testimony from Bollen would carry the penalty of perjury if untruthful.

Bollen will have the task of answering specific queries about certain exhibits of evidence or producing documents that the Committee would like to have.  Other questions probe testimony from an arbitration lawsuit still pending.

One of the more interesting strings of questions involve Exhibit 10.  Members of GOAC have Exhibit 10 for reference when they receive Bollen’s admission, however copies of specific exhibits were not included in the release from the Democrats.

39. See Exhibit 10, you were an employee of the State getting state paychecks until December 21, 2009?

40. See Exhibit 10, why did you take “virtually all records in [your] office relating to [your] EB­5 activities” without permission from NSU?

41. See Exhibit 10, provide an index of all EB5 records you removed from NSU?

42. See Exhibit 10, did any state official give you permission to remove records from NSU?

43. See Exhibit 10, has any state official asked you to return or provide copies of these records?

This relates to the allegation that Bollen removed records from his office while an employee of the South Dakota International Business Institute at Northern State University in Aberdeen.  Read more about that here.

The Committee will meet on September 24 in Pierre.