The hundred grand might be the least of Jeff Gordon’s worries.  NASCAR on Monday levied a huge fine and docked twenty-five points from the four-time series champion for his on-track retaliation against Clint Bowyer at Phoenix International Raceway.

A feud that had been brewing for some time finally escaped the cauldron and scalded a number of drivers, owners and crew members.  The evidence shows that Bowyer rammed Jeff Gordon late in the race while battling for position.  Gordon made the situation worse by trying to retaliate immediately and by doing so put himself in the wall.  By then Gordon’s brain was stuck in neutral as he waited for Kansas Clint to come back around to finish the job.  The ensuing chain of events planted Gordon on a long and distinguished list of folks who could consider the former champ an enemy.

1) Clint Bowyer 2) Joey Logano 3) Aric Almirola

This grouping denotes the cars that were wrecked as a direct result of Gordon’s anger.

(Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR)

4) Danica Patrick 5) Ryan Newman 6) Greg Biffile 7) Ryan Newman 8) Kurt Busch 9) Mark Martin 10) Paul Menard 11) Brad Keselowski

These drivers were in various degrees of junk piles as an indirect result of Jeff Gordon.  Had there not been the first dustup the second would not have happened.  However, the second incident is overlooked because of all the prior mayhem.  Jeff Burton got out of control and tapped Patrick, which led to NASCAR swallowing the yellow flag on the last lap.

12) Michael Waltrip 13) Tony Stewart 14) Richard Childress

(Photo by Tyler Barrick/Getty Images)

Here you have owners of race cars that were destroyed and in the case of Childress, a man who owns a beat up car plus the extra stress of waiting on a win from Kevin Harvick.  Not to mention all the crew members of their respective teams who have to put the pieces back together.

Wonder Boy in a moment of rage lost more than just money.  He relinquished a ton of respect.