Concerts at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center are a hot topic these days. Even the Sioux Falls City Council wants to propose avenues for locals to get tickets to hot shows.

Tuesday at an informational meeting prior to the main Council proceedings, SMG General Manager Terry Torklidson was brought before the governing body. Councilor Greg Jamison greeted him with potential solution.

It was dubbed the “F.A.N. (First Access Now) Experience.”

The plan would work similar to a lottery. One thousand tickets would be set aside for a group of people who physically come to the PREMIER Center to purchase a ticket.

The goal is to bust through the secondary ticket market. Jamison is not the only councilor that has endured feedback from constituents about not getting access to events.

Just hearken back to last week when SMG held a news conference before the Ed Sheeran tickets went on sale. People are unhappy about not gaining access to shows. Wasn’t it not long ago that these shows were a pipe dream? Still another question: should we getting upset about it?