When trying to escape to warmer weather, many think of traveling to states in the southern part of the United States.  But recently, if someone was looking to escape the colder temperatures, going north....to Alaska....might be the best bet!

The National Weather Service is saying, once again, that very cold weather is going to be moving across a large portion of the United States.  Expect very cold temperatures from the upper Midwest, down to the deep South and up into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern sections of the country.

One of the colder areas of the country is in the state of Minnesota.  With the winds continuing to blow through the state, many residents are definitely feeling the colder temperatures.

One place to look for warmer, much more pleasant temperatures, is California.  The National Weather Service is saying there is a quieter weather pattern that will provide very comfortable...and warmer....temperatures for this time of the year.

But Alaska is one state that should be looked at for warmer than normal temperatures.  On several dates this past month, Alaska recorded temperatures that have been warmer than Texas, Louisiana, Florida and much of the Atlantic coast.  For example, Nome, Alaska has had 7 days in the month of January where the thermometer has climbed above the freezing mark.

A relief from the colder weather would be much appreciated by all, but forecasters think that this particular weather pattern probably won't shift until sometime next month.

Source:  NPR