Recent information from the Center for Disease Control tells us, South Dakotans don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. We are the worst in the nation for consumption of those healthy foods.

My initial reaction was typical. Didn't think that info could possibly be correct. Grocery stores have huge fruit and vegetable sections. Farmer's markets are loaded with them.

Yet the medical experts tell us, we are becoming more obese. Diabetes is nearly an epidemic, and heart disease is still the number one killer.

Confession time. I ate too much over the last 40 days. Gained more than a few ounces. Mashed potatoes, turkey dressing, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream,  are weaknesses.

Clearly, somebody has led us astray. I must find and blame them, not just for my gluttony, but for all of us.

So in the spirit of the "it's not my fault" mentality, I have searched for and found the people to blame. It's "them" those people at restaurants, both franchises and locally owned. The portions are huge, and most of the side dishes are not healthy and the ones which are, are served in such small portions, wouldn't keep a canary alive.

Mom needs to take a hit here, also. She taught us to clean our plates. Don't waste food, "There are children starving all over the world."  The guilt trip worked. We are eating ourselves into obesity.

Most of our food consumption is done in restaurants. Mom's cooking has been replaced by fast food, and big food places...........and to be honest most of mom's cooking probably wouldn't pass today's standards for healthy food from those folks at the CDC.

Had lunch at a regional chain the day after Christmas. It is one of my favorite places. Love the ambiance, service, and choices. As I was consuming, I observed large platters overflowing with food everywhere.  It is "them." It is their fault. They are reaping profits, from our societal guilt, "Clean our plates."

I feel better knowing whom to blame, "them" and mom.

Now my challenge is to rise above the piles of food and mom produced guilt. Can I do it? Can we do it?

Let's have lunch and talk about it... pass the mashed make that broccoli.