The United States and Israel are very close allies.  Nothing illustrates that bond more than a General Consul that covers only the territory of the Midwestern U.S.  Roey Gilad is the man who claims that responsibility and he is in contact with the South Dakota delegation along with the other within his auspices.  Gilad also communicates understanding of Israeli policy among the people of his 11-state region.

Understandably, Gilad is quite aware of the unrest in the Middle East with Egypt’s military ousting President Mohamed Morsi and the subsequent release of former leader Hosni Mubarak.  Gilad  joined KSOO's Viewpoint University and spoke about democracy in Egypt as a good thing.  Unfortunately the Muslim Brotherhood is not exactly a democratic organization by nature.  Rights for numerous groups have been curtailed for women, Christians and minorities.  A democracy that is built from the bottom up would go farthest to ensure a stable Egypt.

Roey Gilad Explains Israel’s Stance on Egypt

An unstable Egypt notwithstanding, Israel must also consider the ongoing discussions with Palestine.  A peaceful settlement will likely veer toward two states with land divided between Palestine and Israel.  Gilad says most of the negotiations hinge on whether Palestinians will accept a Jewish state adjacent to them.  At this time, Gilad feels that Palestine is divided on that issue.

Gilad Says Palestine and Israel Need To Share

The Middle East is growing more unstable as time goes by with threats looming in Iran and growing in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria.