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KSFY decided to find out if the new texting ban in Sioux Falls was actually working. How did they do that? They actually talked to the people most likely to ignore the ban: teen drivers.

What they discovered is that either the ban is working REALLY well, or the police are not enforcing the ban. In the days since the ban was enacted, not a single ticket has been issued.

According to KSFY, tickets were not the point of the ban:

The city says the purpose of the ban wasn't to give people tickets but to send a message about the dangers of texting and driving. Around town, we can still see people texting behind the wheel, which leads some to wonder, is the message really getting through?

And the sponsor of the bill agreed:

City councilor Michelle Erpenbach was a main sponsor of the ban. She says no tickets mean the message is already getting through to drivers.

"I think it's actually kind of awesome that we're not actually having to write tickets. the thing that I'm hearing from folks and learned myself is that when the phone buzzes and it's on the seat beside me, I tend to ignore it. I think about that idea that it's really not safe. I've had more and more people saying that to me as well," Erpenbach said.

However, teens don't agree. They say there are not tickes because police are not enforcing the ban.

Leah Billion from O'Gorman High School and a member of S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) told KSFY something different:

"It needs to be more well enforced. I've never heard of anybody getting a ticket for it... The fact that no one is getting in trouble for it, should I be scared if no one is facing consequences for it?."