Girls are taught at a young age (especially when wearing skirts or dresses) to cross their legs when they sit. However, as those girls blossom into women, the issue of sitting with legs crossed at the ankles or at the knees, brings about more problems then just allowing others to see our underwear!

Women are often told that sitting with crossed legs can lead to problems with varicose veins, nerve damage or high blood pressure. But now according to studies done by health experts, sitting with legs crossed might not be as bad as originally thought.

New research from the BBC shows that women (or even men) that sit with crossed legs are

.....unlikely to do yourself any damage, provided you don’t stay in the same position until your legs are numb.

It is true that people can develop the condition known as peroneal nerve palsy if they sit in one position for any length of time. But this is true for any pose, not just sitting with crossed legs.

Experts did find a temporary rise in blood pressure while sitting with crossed legs at the knees, but that will go away quickly after the legs are uncrossed. The study also found that unless the person is at risk for blood clots, there really shouldn't be a problem with this type of sitting.

The one fact that is still being debated on is the cause of varicose veins. Some experts believe varicose veins are more of a genetics problem, while some experts say there may be a link to leg crossing and damaged veins, allowing the blood to leak and pool. But again, the experts are still divided on this.

So in other words, don't feel guilty about sitting with your legs crossed at the ankles or at the knees. It might not be as bad on your health as originally thought.

Source: Yahoo Health