Hundreds of families in Sioux Falls received a communication from their child’s school Friday morning. It was all in the name of safety as three elementary schools were locked down as a precaution and parents were notified of the situation. Robert Frost Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary and Sioux Falls Lutheran School were on high alert from around 8:20 through 9:15am.

The Sioux Falls Police Department received a call from a concerned citizen about a man walking with something slung across his back in the area of 38th and Phillips Avenue. Initially the object was described as a rifle. The object was also described as a pool cue by separate witnesses. The person who touched off the search was not found. Back to “normal” again for the adjacent schools.

A couple of things are at work in this instance as it pertains to gun control and child safety. Citizens who see something do NOT want to live with the specter of being the person who allowed tragedy to happen when they could have stopped it.

There are also those who believe that people need to calm down and keep their head. Seriously!! Did we really need a manhunt because of a pool cue?

Here we are in 2013 where we try to cope with the realities in our midst. There are those who wish to do harm and people who will take a stand to prevent catastrophe. Additionally, there are those who want to peacefully walk through a neighborhood carrying a trusted belonging. Freedom still isn’t free. It comes with a price. But to paraphrase Ben Franklin, “They who would exchange liberty for safety, deserve neither.” Let the discussion continue.