I think I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money to go to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympic Games.

Mind you, I generally enjoy watching the Winter Games on television, maybe even more than the Summer Games. But while I'm not xenophobic (look it up), and Sharon and I like to travel, I've read too many things about the location and the venues to make me think I'd enjoy it there.

Sure, some of it might have been written by someone with an ax to grind. But you may have read how the Russians are bad-mouthing the US even now, talking about how the 1980 Winter Games were poorly organized (you see, the Soviet hockey team lost to the US that year at Lake Placid, New York, in the "Miracle on Ice"). So a lot of people have an ax to grind.

Then there are the terrorism threats and the resulting high-security precautions that have to be taken, the athlete's quarters that weren't finished on time and everything else.

Nope, I'm perfectly happy to watch from the comfort of my living room.

And by the way, "USA! USA!"