If you’re experiencing tough times right now and have lost hope in your life, Mary Espland of Sioux Falls has a message worth hearing. Mary was born with Cerebral Palsy.

“It’s limited me from doing different things. Sure, I can’t get some things done as fast as most individuals can accomplish them. It just takes me more time than other people. At the same time, Cerebral Palsy has made me a much stronger person. The Lord gave Cerebral Palsy to me for a special reason. He allowed it to happen to me and I support that.”

Thanks to her family, Mary focuses on the positives in her life!

“My mother has always been very encouraging in what I wanted to do. My husband is also very supportive of me. He didn’t even realize I had Cerebral Palsy when we got married. The bottom line is this: knowing that people believe in me makes all the difference. At the same time, Cerebral Palsy does not define me life. Instead, my life is what I am on the inside.”

Instead of withdrawing from life, Mary is reaching out to others with a message of hope.

“I used to work with children for 20 years. I am a people person. Maybe that’s my purpose here on earth - to be a blessing to others that cross my path. My husband and I have a special ministry: helping others to know about the Lord. Even though I have Cerebral Palsy, I am still assisting others who may not have Jesus in their lives.”

From first hand experience, Mary says Cerebral Palsy has given her direction in life.

“I feel the reason I am here on earth is to show people that those of us that have a disability can do anything that they put their minds into doing. You people might think ‘oh they won’t amount to anything.’ That’s just not true. Even though we have some limitations - we still get the work done.”

If you’re going through tough times right now, Mary urges you to keep going!

“Don’t let anyone tell you something can’t be done. When people would say - ‘Mary, you can’t do this’ - that inspired me to get it done! If you have a disability - my message is this: keep going and you will achieve so called impossible goals.”

Mary Espland is without a doubt a Real Survivor who is making a difference!

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