Micheal Freeman of Sioux Falls has been free of drugs and alcohol for one year!

“My walk with Christ has been little over a year ago. I was down and low as a person could be. I recall the day I was on a one-way trip after leaving my house. I wasn’t planning on coming back. I had my will made out. I just didn’t want to live anymore.”

But, Micheal says his plans to die took an about face.

“I ended up at a place called Celebrate Recovery. They offer a Christian 12 step program with biblical comparisons. I was a pretty wasted puppy at the time. I had lots of drugs and alcohol in my system. When I left my driveway, I had no idea where I was going. I woke up in front of Celebrate Recovery. I had never been there before. It was a Christ thing. He slapped me on the head.”

Prior to arriving at Celebrate Recovery, Micheal wanted to end his life.

“I was thinking of suicide by way of doing something very drastic to many people and the police would have to come and kill me. That was my thought and my plan. I was in a very, very dark place.”

Keep in mind - Micheal abused alcohol and drugs for 50 years!

“I was so drunk and drugged up most of the time. Nobody really knew who I was. Sure, I was a very functioning person and was successful in many areas of life. But, I had this anger inside of me. That was the reason I kept using drugs and drinking.”

During the many years of addiction, Micheal hit rock bottom time and time again.

“I went through treatment centers that always mentioned a higher power. I always thought that I was the higher power. I really believed I had control. I could do this alone! Yet, at night when things got really bad - just before I would pass out I would say ‘I don’t want to do this again’ and then do the same thing the next day. This was a vicious cycle for years and years.”

But that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone!

“Just had my very first Christmas and New Year’s sober. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.”

If you’re battling an addiction right now, Micheal offers this message of hope.

“God forgives! Our addiction is caused by something outside of the good taste of alcohol and drugs. Reach out to Jesus! Reach out to others that care about you! Right now, my life is so full of blessings. Granted…I still have ups and downs. No matter how much alcohol I used to drink, no matter how many drugs I did - I couldn’t get full. I didn’t get anywhere no matter how much I would consume. Now with Christ in my life I am full. Through Him you can walk a walk that is dignified and morally right. You can get your family back, you can get your life back - there is life after the hurt. Through Christ there definitely is hope!”

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