I enjoy the holidays just like the next guy, but folks, November 1st and you already have your Christmas lights up and lit - really?!?!?

On my way into work this morning, I drove past an apartment building where one of the units had their Christmas lights already up and on.  I know they were Christmas lights because they were green and red in color; Halloween is orange and black.

Are you kidding me?  We're not even a full day into the month of November and you already have your holiday lights up and lit.  I realize the stores have been pushing Christmas for quite some time now, but they're in the business of making money, so I can understand why they already have their displays up.

What ever happened to celebrating Thanksgiving and then Christmas?  Try to find a paper machete turkey to put on the Thanksgiving table like Grandma used to do...try to find anything Thanksgiving-y for that matter.

Personally, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  It's simple.  Turkey and football - what a great combination.

Thanksgiving is about sitting down with your family and friends and "giving thanks."  That's something that shouldn't be taken for granted; it shouldn't be overlooked.  We all need to slow down and take a moment to appreciate everyone and everything we have in our lives.

Many of you know we lost our son, Aaron, two years ago.  It's those special memories of the family sitting around the table, laughing and enjoying each others company that mean so much to me.

Please, don't rush things.  Don't miss out on those memory-making opportunities with loved ones.  Savor those moments.  Take it all in.

Celebrate the wonderful holiday we call Thanksgiving!