Do you like eggs? OK, so do I.

So we have that much in common. But now how you like them cooked, could mean we're totally different.

I like mine over medium. I want the yoke runny but the white has to be solid.

In this crazy world there seems to always be someone trying to figure things out. Even a study on people based on how they like their eggs cooked.

According to Dr. Beryl West, how you like your eggs reveals a lot about your personality:

  • Sunny-side up: You are an optimist and easy going.
  • Hard-boiled: You're a no-nonsense type. You're quick to form opinions.
  • Soft-boiled: You're gentle, sensitive, neat - but you're not always easy to please.
  • Scrambled: You're agreeable and very steady. You go with the flow.
  • Over easy: You are very precise. You know exactly what you want out of life.
  • Poached: You are very orderly - you don't like to see anything out of its place.
  • Omelets: You enjoy taking risks.