This time of year you can't swing a stick without hitting a fair, but hitting your target at one of the carnival games can be a tricky thing.  Here are some tricks from the experts at The Art of Manliness:

Ring the Bell with a Sledge Hammer (The High Striker):

The key is not in strength as many have assumed, it's more in the way you throw down that sledge hammer that will ring the bell. First of all, grip the hammer like you're about to chop wood, with your strongest hand toward the head of the hammer.  They other key is making sure the hammer hits flat on, making full contact with the center of the pad.

Throw the Ball in a Milk Can:

Although experts say the ball is just slightly smaller than the opening in the can, it can go through.  Throw the ball underhanded, give the ball a backspin and aim for the back of the rim of the can.

Knock Down the Milk Bottles:

One of the bottles in the stack is heavier than the rest.  If you don't hit that bottle, you'll never get them all down.  Look for one of the bottles on the bottom that is set back a bit from the others, as the key to finding the heavy bottle.  (note: when the Carnie demonstrates the bottle game, he'll likely put the heavier one on top, cleverly showing how easy it is to knock them down!)

A few other helpful hints:

  • Watch others play first and see what they're doing right and wrong.  Watch the Carnie demonstrate the game.
  • Stand in the same place he was positioned during the demonstration, and ask to use the same ball/ring that was used in the demonstration.

Good Luck!  I'll be looking for stuffed animal gifts of gratitude delivered to our front desk from your lucky success at the fair!  Whether you're going to the Sioux Empire Fair, Turner County, or one of the State Fairs, have a great time, and hopefully you'll be making room in your car to bring home a honkin' plush toy.

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