The Federal Trade Commission is offering up a sizable amount of money to the first person who can figure out how to block illegal robocalls in this country.

The offer is $50,000 - plus you get to keep ownership of your idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, the answer is so simple.

Remember that scene from Dumb & Dumber where they picked up the hitchhiker and Jim Carrey's character asks the guy, "Hey, wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"  And then he screams in his ear.  If you don't remember the scene, click here.

All we need to do is set it up so whenever a robocall comes in, that scene will play back over the phone.  I'm sure the "robocall folks" will wanna give up after about a dozen times of hearing that obnoxious sound.  Don't you think? many answers and so little time!