You probably don't realize it, but according to research done by Broadcom Corporation, people are judging you by how tech savvy you are.

The company did a research project and determined people are defined in two ways:

  • by how sophisticated their digital devices are
  • and how often and easily they connect to social media

Researchers also claim people fall into one of seven categories that range from always connected live wires (people who are constantly connected to something) to toe dippers and never minders (those who prefer face to face contact and will only use technology when necessary).

Where do you fall?

I would suggest if you still use a flip phone, you might wanna seriously think about carrying around someone's old disabled smart phone - just so it appears to others that you're "hip and happening."

Maybe you could even figure out a way to tape your old flip phone onto the smart phone - so it appears as though you using the newer technology.

As the old saying goes, "You are what you eat" - or in this case, "What you carry around."