The answer to the question, of course, is one. One conviction for driving while intoxicated conviction is too many.

But there's a guy in Minnesota who was to get out of prison on Friday after serving time for his 27th conviction for drinking while driving. His twenty-seventh.

He's 59 years old and he's clearly old enough to know better. And he's also old enough to learn his lesson.

I've said before that many of us can probably remember a time when we were lucky we weren't stopped, or worse. People can get killed when someone drives drunk.

And then (now I'm on a roll again) they get out of jail or prison and drive after they've been drinking again.

No license? No insurance? No problem.

It's a problem that takes all of us to solve.

I'm not an expert, but if you've been drinking, get someone else to drive you. And if you know of someone who's going to drive after drinking too much, do something. You might not want to rat them out, so intervene.

Even if you have to take a deep breath and call 911.

One DWI is too many, and 27 is far too many.