This is another of those situations where I realize some people don't see things the way I do. But I'm not about to change my mind on this, regardless of the reasons.

The Associated Press says game officials in the Black Hills have received complaints from hikers who come upon traps set for bobcats.  Okay, I understand that part, but the people who set the traps are using domestic cats as bait.

Seems the price for bobcat pelts is high these days, and some are out to trap them.

The hikers have reported that the "bait" cats obviously haven't had food or water for days, and this just makes my blood boil. Not only are is someone using cats as bait, but they're torturing the animals as well.

There it is. I like cats. We have one at our house and she is part of our family. And I can't imagine being human and using a cat as bait.

But, as I said at the start, not everybody feels the way I do. But whoever is using domestic cats as bait, I don't think I like them.