I don't know if this is real or a case for Snopes but, I saw this on Reddit and had to show you guys. It was originally posted on EtiquetteHell.com. It is either the worst case of entitled, dumb dumb behavior or a perfect satire of entitled, dumb dumb behavior.

The story goes like this: This person (the poster) was invited to a friend of a friend's baby shower. The poster and the mommy-to-be (MTB) were casual acquaintances. However the poster was going to be out-of-town on the day of the shower and since the poster and the MTB weren't close the poster declined the invitation and didn't give a gift. All very reasonable.

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Then this happened. The MTB sent the poster what you could call a 'No-Thank You" card, inscribed with this classy poem.

We're so sorry you missed the shower!

There was fun and games to be had
The food drinks not too bad
The loot was a plenty
But we looked high and low and found none from you
Not even a shiny penny!

Babies need a lot
Of this fact we all know
So we've included some shops below!

If none are too your liking, and that we understand
Then grab a pen and get to writing
For checks are to our liking!

The [NAME] family is registered at these stores, and checks can be mailed to this address. Thanks!


So. let's get this straight, MTB sent out what is the equivalent of a Facebook post to bunch of people she didn't really know, announcing the failure of her chosen method of birth control, and is angry when there isn't an avalanche of pink and blue bags topped with tissue paper. "Hey you, I'm pregnant, buy me stuff!" This is just dumb. But I will hand it to this MTB, she reaffirmed my aversion social interaction. Well done lady, you reminded me why I like to wait in the car.

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Look, we all know the social contract of the gift registry: you register for stuff so people have an idea of what to get IF they want to give you a gift. You register for stuff and say "That'd be cool, but it's more important to celebrate this momentous occasion with my loved ones rather than amassing loot." What's even more upsetting is that people probably fell for it. "Oh I'm sorry lady I pass in the hall, here is a fancy piece of plastic."

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And really, what new parents actually need are diapers, thousands and thousands of diapers. And a nap. Where can you register for a nap?