Monday morning I came to work with a message on my phone machine. JD you have to see if you can help us out. We have a chance to make a LOT of money for our school! Can you help?

Well, I called and got more information from Mr. Dave Fuller, art teacher at Parker, SD high school. He sent me an overview of their project and how we can help!

The Shoe Customization Contest is sponsored by Vans, popular shoe company.

The Grand Prize for the winning High School is $50,000 and an all expenses paid trip to New York City. Celebrity judges will choose the final winner. There were 2,000 High Schools that entered the competition. Vans selected Parker High School for the Top 50 and are in the semifinal round.
VANS sent us 4 pair of brand new shoes to design, customize and paint. We had to design the shoes in 4 categories. Art, Music, Action Sports and Local Flavor.

Local flavor for us was SD and we pictured SD scenes. Students worked for over a month on the shoes.

Look at the pictures. The detail is awesome and the artwork is just that! Let’s vote for these kids and get ‘em on a plane to New York City!


The online voting is broken down into 5 Regions. Parker Is in the NORTHWEST REGION

You can vote on your smartphone and also at home on your computer or iPad.

To Vote go to:
Click on Northwest
Find Parker and cast vote
Scroll down and enter code
Click on Submit