Sioux Falls likes your input. You just named the new police department's robot and now the Sioux Falls School District wants your input naming the next middle school and high school that will be built.

Now that may seem quite easy to you but consider this: there are 23 public elementary schools, five public middle schools, three public high schools and there are two public tech schools. And with those 33 schools what choices do we have? That's where you come in.

The two new schools are set to open in 2021. The new middle school will be located in southeastern Sioux Falls near East 41st Street. The new high school will be located in northwestern Sioux Falls just beyond the Southeast Technical Institute campus.

In making your decision the District has limited you to the following categories:

  • Presidents of the United States
  • Persons who have achieved distinction in such fields as art, literature, music, education, or science
  • Individuals who have made a significant contribution to society
  • Location of the school, its street, or direction
  • Famous event or location

Take this survey when you have the names of the two new schools.