From one farmer to another they are in this together. It's amazing how we look out for one another from hundreds of miles away as a convoy of nine semis loaded with over 200 tons of hay set their GPS for the flood ravaged state of Nebraska.

KSFY TV reports that the convoy began in North Dakota where it grew into a relief operation. Their target - Fullerton, Nebraska. Transporting hay, fencing supplies plus household goods. That group made it to their destination on Saturday. And they weren't alone.

According the Norfolk Daily News, another convoy with 18 strong came from northeast Ohio, and it grew as the trucks drove toward Nebraska. Vehicles from across the United States are converging on the flood-ravaged state, filled with hay, livestock feed, food and household goods.

And the loads of hay for livestock was just a part of the manifest.  Toilet paper, diapers, baby supplies and even stuff animals were included.