This morning's "Wanna Know Wednesday" question had to do with an oddity spotted along I-90, just to the east of the Missouri River. There's a big frozen artesian well - and it's pretty cool looking - and pretty easy to spot.

There's a slough / lake on the south side of the Interstate, just to the east of the river, where a large cone of ice has formed.

And spraying out of the top of that cone is - water.  With as cold as it's been lately, the cone has grown to quite a substantial size.  It's pretty easy to see from the interstate.

We learned this morning's that's actually an artesian well.  Usually, it goes unnoticed, but because of how big the cone has gotten, it's pretty hard not to see when driving by.

Here's another bit of trivia we learned - that area actually has a name; it's called "Red Lake."

Now you know.