The Bald Eagle has always fascinated me. The majestic creature is on currency, is the symbol of our country, and enthrall us so much that we'll watch a camera trained on their nest in Iowa where Liberty and Justice have an egg!

Every month or so, I even see a Facebook friend post that they saw an eagle on their drive to work. My mom e-mails me about an eagle nest along the highway in northern Minnesota where she has seen some activity.

Yes, seeing one in real life or two on cam buoyls our spirits. So you can imagine the buzz I got when I came across this video from Alaska shot last month that doesn't just have one or two eagles, but FORTY!

A man was in the local Shopko and had left his fresh catch in the back of his pickup truck in the parking lot. That was like ringing the dinner bell for local wildlife. Luckily several people caught the phenomenon on their cell phones. Heck, many called the police because they couldn't get into their cars that were parked near the birds!

Police tried using car alarms and sirens. That didn't work. Eventually several officers approached the eagles and were able to disperse them from the area. None of the animals (or humans) involved in the incident were harmed. The pickup's owner was not cited and was able to get his unwanted fish taken care of as well.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. What a cool video.