Redfield is one of the many great smaller towns in South Dakota that I love.

A community of around 2,300 people or so, it's the county seat of Spink County and, like a lot of South Dakota towns, is filled with great businesses and great people. What it doesn't have is a college.

But there was a day. Oh yes, there very definitely was a day!

Even those who have spent their whole lives in South Dakota perhaps don't recall Redfield College.Sponsored by the 'Northern Association Of Congregational Churches', it opened it's doors in September of 1887, and graduated their first student's in 1894.

The college was housed in a hotel that had been moved from a nearby town. Ultimately, the 'campus' had two buildings that housed things like a library, dormitory, gymnasium, laboratory and more.

But alas, finances proved difficult for the college and finally, Redfield College closed in 1932.

But wait, wait just a minute. Redfield College had at least one student that you know, someone that became famous, first in literature and then on television!

You see, one of the students that had the honor of attending Redfield College was a little girl named Grace.

Grace...Ingalls, the youngest sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Yes, Grace Ingalls indeed attended a 'Little College On The Prairie'.

Here's more on the story of Redfield College.

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