January 24, 1935 the beer can was introduced to the drinking public.

Pabst Blue Ribbon was the first beer to come packaged in a six pack.  It was thought that six was the maximum number the average housewife would want to carry home to her beer drinking man.

However, beer experts suggest instead of drinking the beer directly from the can you pour the beer into a glass.  A glass allows a head to develop and the aroma to reach your nose.

Speaking of heads and noses - here's a little secret on how to decrease the amount of foam on top of your beer - rub your finger along the side of your nose and then touch that finger to the top of the foam.  Within seconds the beer head will disappear.

The bubbles of the head are coated in a considerable amount of water and therein lies the problem.  Nose grease repels the water and breaks down the bubbles.

Yes, it's sounds a little disgusting, but when you want a drink and the foam keeps getting in the way, you'll thank me.

One other tidbit regarding beer - did you know 65% of beer drinkers prefer light to dark beer?

Maybe that explains why the line to the bathroom is always so long!