If you watch sports programing, you've seen him. He's the older cool sounding guy that's always sporting the green bow tie.

You know, the guy that's standing beside pallets of money in a warehouse or riding in a cargo plane dropping those pallets of money out saying, "get your billions back, America!"

I love the guy. I love the thought of all the money. I also get kind of queezey when I think of how Americans use taxes as sort of a forced savings account to have some money to pay off Christmas bills. But the guy is awesome!

According to Adweek.com he's a real guy and a real accountant.

A real-life H&R Block preparer Richard Gartland, who, for the second tax season, will be the featured character for her brand's commercials and radio spots, as well as its online/mobile display and social-media promos. Gartland has 27 years of accounting experience and works in an H&R Block office in Glendale, Calif. The cmo suggested that Gartland—bespectacled and wearing a green bow tie—appeals to hipsters as well those a little longer in the tooth.

Great slug line and a great actor. And to think, he's a real accountant, not some actor that they brought in to play the part! Hats off to the agency Fallon for making it happen. It's good stuff!

Can you imagine coming into get your taxes done with Gartland, him wadding through your mountain of paperwork, asking question about your charitable contributions and then him firing off the statement: Get your Billions Back, America!

The article in Adweek went on to say:

"We are trying to get the message to people about getting all of that cash back," Collins added. "It's our wake-up call. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor—everyone wants their money."

I'm checking to see if I hit all possible deductions right now!

Thank you Richard Gartland. You made watching sports on TV and television in general a little more entertaining this year.

Oh, and that funky music bed caught my attention too!  Check this out too!