As high school seniors prepare for graduation, their families and friends fret over finding the best, most appreciated gift.

Are they going into the work world or off to college? That may make a difference in the kind of gift you choose.  The best advice comes from students who’ve already been through it.

"Practical gifts were honestly the best. Money, Pillows, towel sets and travel bags," said Kelsey Kirby, a student at the University of South Dakota.

And don’t forget about the thing college students need to keep them burning the midnight oil - Keurig machines and K-cups for late night coffee.

A search of the internet suggests everything from laptop computers to picture frames. Students also have a wish list and some of those items include microwaves, mini-fridge, X-box players, a flat screen tv and futons.

But don’t think you have to break the bank.  Simple, practical gifts are the best.

"Probably my favorite was a big patterned laundry bag," said Kirby.

Money and gift cards are probably the most convenient.

"I liked getting Target gift cards because there are so many start-up costs for college." I was able to pick out my own style of college supplies,” said college student Alyssa Hanisch.

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I also have a son graduating from high school. I haven’t decided what I’m getting him. The difference between girls and boys is girls actually have a preference. When I asked him what he wants he says “whatever.”  But in my searches I think I have found the perfect gift - only time will tell if after 13 years of school he can actually follow directions.