Next time the willingness to perform a favor may be tempered as a Sioux Falls man gets ripped off while transporting someone around town.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens reveals that the incident was reported to police around 7:30 PM on Saturday. It started out as a kind gesture.

“Our victim was contacted by a friend and asked if the victim would give a ride to somebody else that he doesn’t know, basically a friend of a friend. He agreed and picked up the person which ends up being our suspect.”

Clemens says everything went okay until the passenger took advantage of the 31-year old victim.

“They went to one place and then they were going to a second place when the suspect pulled out a handgun, took the victim’s cash and cell phone. The suspect got out of the vehicle then left. The victim went to a gas station and called the police.”

Police are still searching for the suspect who is known only by nickname. The victim was not injured.


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