It's fun, addicting, completely legal and even has it's own holiday - kind of. Whether you are packing or unpacking something, downloading the app on your phone or computer or have specifically went to a store and purchased a roll of it for your own entertainment, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is the day to get popping!

Monday, January 25, 2016 is the day that "poppers" don't have to feel guilt or hide in shame for doing what they love. National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is all about popping those little air-filled pockets with pride.

Bubble wrap was originally developed by two engineers, Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes in Hawthorne, New Jersey in 1957. Although bubble wrap eventually became a main feature for packing something, Fielding and Chavannes originally had the idea that the bubble wrap product would make great textured wallpaper.

By placing two shower curtains together in a way that would trap air bubbles, the two men quickly realized that the textured wallpaper was not going to be a success. But rather than giving up on their bubble product, the men started using it for insulation in greenhouses. This idea wasn't a huge success either.

Then in 1959, Frederick W. Bowers, a marketer for the company that made the bubble wrap material, came up with the perfect use for the product. After IBM announced their new computer, Bowers got the idea that the bubble wrap would be the perfect material for shipping the IBM products to consumers.

Since the beginning dream of textured wallpaper to one of the most commonly used packaging materials, the bubble wrap product has grown. The company can now brag of annual sales of around $4 billion with a net profit of around $255 million.

Today there is no way someone can be angry after popping some bubble wrap. It can even be used as a stress reliever. But if you aren't able to run to the store and purchase some bubble wrap, there are apps that can be downloaded to your phone or games that can be played on your computer. Okay, it's not exactly the same as physically popping those little air-filled pockets of joy, but it is a way to indulge and get popping!

Source: Today I Found Out