As the summer makes its exit, garden maintenance can direct you toward philosophical parallels. To grow a fruitful crop or a lush lawn, there are elements that you cannot ignore. Essentials like sun, rain and food are the foundation for any successful growing plan. Beyond that, to really reap a bountiful harvest a little effort is needed to control the weeds which hijack moisture and nutrients from the intended recipient.

Life can be that way also. A fruitful human experience starts with the basics of having our “daily bread”. Our American experience has encouraged millions to stretch capabilities to the boundaries and sometimes beyond. However, all we really need to sustain ourselves in the most basic sense is food in the stomach, water to drink and a place to lay our head for rest. By having those things, we can get through life.

Just as weeds will eventually sprout in the strawberry patch, struggles will arrive in life. Problems have a way of overtaking our existence if left unattended just as thistles dominate the garden. May these words be an encouragement to you as the noxious elements in our world spring up, confront them with the appropriate strategy. Then hope of a fruitful harvest is preserved.