(NPN) — Sioux Falls ranks as one of the top metro areas in the nation for housing financial security, according to Gallup.

Just over 94 percent of Sioux Falls area respondents (94.1 percent) said there had not been times in the previous 12 months when they did not have a enough money to provide adequate shelter for their family. In other words, 6 percent said there were times in the past year when they didn’t think they could pay the mortgage or rent.

Sioux Falls ranked eighth in the nation, according to Gallup. Ann Arbor, Mich. Rated first at 96 percent responding they had adequate resources. The Cedar Rapids metro area ranked ninth at 94 percent and the Quad Cities in Iowa and Illinois ranked 10th at 93.8 percent.

The McAllen, Tex. Metro area ranked the lowest at 75.5 percent saying they had adequate resources in the past year.