Are you a fan of a good nap? Who isn't right?

Well, a new study has found that if you take a lot of naps, I'm talking multiple naps throughout the day, there's a good chance you're gonna die before your time.

People who take frequent naps are almost 33% more likely to take the long dirt nap before the age of 65 than people who don't.

Researchers say the main reason why you might be napping so often could be linked to an undiagnosed respiratory illness.

Cambridge University in England just finished publishing the results of a 13-year study conducted on more than 16,000 people. What they found was people who take regular naps are much more likely to die young.

Their recommendation to people who take frequent naps is to go get yourself checked out by a doc. You just might have an undetected breathing problem that's making you tired all the time.

Now if you're 82 and you find yourself taking an inordinate amount of naps, I wouldn't sweat it. That usually comes with the turf at that age.