Viewpoint University, 1140 KSOO, will discuss several important election subjects in the four weeks and one day leading to the Nov. 4th election.

Wednesday Oct. 8th, the four candidates for SD Secretary of State will be in class for a special 90 minute discussion on the issues facing the office today and in the future.

Emmett Reistroffer, Libertarian, Angelia Schultz, Democrat, Shantel Krebs, Republican, and Lori Stacey, Constitutional Party candidates are vying for the job. In my memory, it is the first time we have had four people on the general election ballot for this job.

Future special VPU political classes will feature the US Senate candidates on Oct. 15th, US House discussion on Oct. 22nd, and a debate about the merits of increasing the minimum wage on Oct. 29th....

Viewpoint University is live on 1140 KSOO, this webpage, and on your radio pup app.