I ran across an AP story Tuesday morning that caught my eye.  It was about new rules involving unhealthy foods in schools.

The rules would phase out the advertising of sugary drinks and junk foods in schools.  School scoreboards, vending machines, menu boards, posters, even cups would be subject to the new rules.

Michelle Obama, along with Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, unveiled the proposed rules today as part of the First Lady's  "Let's Move Initiative" to combat child obesity.  The program is celebrating its fourth anniversary this week.

Here's where I have a problem with the whole thing.  Since when has the First Lady been able to propose rules and regulations?  It's one thing to raise awareness about child obesity in this country, but how did the Ag Department get drug into the mix?  And how is it that Mrs. Obama has the authority to make rule changes?

Can someone explain to me how the First Lady gets to decide what schools can serve kids at lunch, or what can and can't be advertised on the scoreboard during a basketball game?

I don't remember her name being on the ballot!

Yes, I know, First Lady's have been spearheading "pet projects" for some time now, but I don't remember Laura Bush, who was focused in on illiteracy in this country, proposing changes in the way schools teach reading, or how libraries conduct business.

This is NOT a Democrat or Republican thing.  I would be asking the same questions if a Republican First Lady was residing in the White House.

I'm just wondering how the country has gotten to this point?  How much are these new rules going to cost school districts across the country?  Most school budgets are already stretched too thin the way it is.

Rules, I might add, that weren't voted on by Congress - but imposed by a "non-elected" First Lady!