A five year old Pennsylvania girl has been branded a terrorist - for pointing a Hello Kitty Bubble Gun at another child.

The superintendent told local media, "The district takes the well being and safety of its students and staff very seriously.  That's why we reacted the way we did."

As a result, the kindergartner was ordered to take a psychological evaluation - which, according to the family's lawyer, has since come back normal.

But now it seems her record is anything but.  The girl's mother has tried to get her daughter into another school, but no one will take her because of this mark on her record.

Here's where I have to ask - when is this insanity going to stop?  The story doesn't say exactly how the "big bad threat" went down, but come on, we're talking about a five year old and a Hello Kitty Bubble gun.

Rather than doing the responsible thing and sitting the girl down and explaining to her why we don't point guns at other people, the "adults in charge" decided instead to label this little girl a terrorist - really?!?

When are going to start letting kids be kids again?  Do we have to take everything so "literal?"

And we wonder why kids are so messed up when they reach their teenage years.