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In South Dakota, we see trucks at every intersection, parking lot and highway. A lot of us know someone who owns a truck one or may drive one ourselves. With the cooler weather quickly approaching, some of these products may make the winter months a bit more bearable for those who choose to drive a pickup.

1) Remote Starter Kit


On those cold mornings why not let your vehicle warm up before you've even stepped outside. Plus letting your oil warm-up first before driving is better for the longevity of your truck overtime.

2) Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

A cover for your truck bed can protect your bed lining form detreating faster and also makes moving items a lot easier since you don't have to worry about wrapping them in anything. Also, keep in mind the length of your truck bed when purchasing a Tonneau cover.

3) Running Boards


Running boards sometimes are an aftermarket product that is overlooked. It makes getting into your truck easier for those who are shorter and may have a decrease in their mobility. Keep in mind that this item changes depending on what make and model your truck is.

4) All Climate Rubber Mats

These mats are great for the spring too when the snow is just beginning to melt. Protect your vehicle's interior with a set of these for both the front set of seats and the back.

5)Waterproof Dust Cover


This universal 249-inch dust cover is not only waterproof and windproof but also UV protected making it perfect for all seasons of storage. Rain or shine. It doesn't hurt to have one of these on hand in case it's your turn to park outside.