Although I grew up with cats around, it's been over 15 years since our home had a cat.  All of that changed when eight week old Willow joined our ranks, thanks to the Sioux Falls Humane Society.

As we settled into our new routine, one of the ideas my daughter brought up was an alternative to the pain of declawing this little sweetheart. Soft Paws was the product we heard of, and while shopping around we discovered Kitty Caps.  The claw covers come in packages with an assortment of colors and patterns, available in several sizes to fit your cat. Not only are they adorable, Willow is no longer able to scratch furniture or our bodies when she plays a little rough.

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Applying the claw covers is certainly a two person process.  You'll need one designated person to fill the caps half way with glue, while the other person holds your cat while gently depressing on the paw, exposing the claws.  All the caps are the same size, so there's no matching up claw for claw.

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At first Willow was a bit concerned, but by the time the last Kitty Cap was glued on, she was accepting it more like a spa treatment, enjoying the attention.

After the claw covers are on, you'll need to pay extra attention to their behavior, as your cat may try to climb or do things they had previously relied on the sharpness of the claws to do.  You'll need to step in and help them as they adjust. We would never recommend this for a cat going outdoors on their own, as they need those claws for protection out in the elements.

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It took about thirty minutes to glue the claw covers on Willow and she was off running again.  Days later she's lost a couple of the covers, but the package we bought has replacements.  We've been told some cats try to remove the caps after the first application, and adjust by the second application, keeping them on for at least four weeks.

These cat claw covers are a great alternative to the painful declawing process, all while adding an adorable look!  We'll definitely be buying more in the future!

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