ANNECY, France (AP) - A French prosecutor says the 4-year-old girl who survived the slaying of her family in Annecy couldn't help their investigation since she hid under her mother's legs during the killings.

The girl, Zeena Al Hilli, confirmed to French police that her father and mother were among the victims killed inside the car, alongside her 7-year-old sister who survived with a shot wound to the shoulder.

Prosecutor Eric Maillaud said Friday that investigators are looking for a green or dark colored 4x4 vehicle and a motorbike in connection with Wednesday's killings.

A French prosecutor says a feud between brothers is becoming the focus of the investigation into the grisly killings of the British-Iraqi family that was vacationing in the French Alps.

Maillaud said British police are reporting that the girls' father was feuding with his brother over money.

Maillaud also confirmed that the 4-year-old's UK-based uncle is offering his help to British police.

Autopsies were to be performed Friday on the bodies.