What a turnout at the Big Bread Giveaway in the Faith Temple Church parking lot on Thursday!

I dropped by the church and visited with several folks that were participating in the event.  Rhondy of Sioux Falls was one of them.

"My daughter goes to school, my other daughter's unemployed and right now I'm not working because of surgery---so the bread comes in handy."

Louisa picked up bread for others in need.

"It is very important and we appreciate the food.  For our family, we are all right.  But, it's others that don't have a job and the money to feed their families.  This giveaway is a great help!"

Pastor Jeff Hayes wasn't surprised by the number of people that participated in the Big Bread Giveaway.

"Oh---it was incredible!  The bread disappeared quite rapidly.  There were a lot of folks here that were getting bread for other people.  One lady was here for bread and took it to a senior citizens apartment building.  So many people in the building only had a loaf of bread to eat and that was it."

Right now, Pastor Hayes and the Faith Temple Volunteers are preparing for Friday's Food Giveaway at the W. H. Lyon Fairgrounds beginning at 4 p.m.