Apparently there are people in some states who have heard enough from the presidential candidates and are ready to vote, two months early.

The thing I would want to know is, can early voting stop the mailings, the door-hangers and those endless, endless robocalls?

The Associated Press carried a story about people gearing up to vote early in some of those battleground states that political observers say will determine the outcome of the presidential election:


Associated Press
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Heard enough from the presidential candidates? Here's an answer: Vote now and put the election behind you.

Early voting in the presidential race begins Thursday. Millions of people in key states will cast ballots in the weeks to come that could prove decisive on Election Day. They did in 2008, when President Barack Obama's margin of victory relied to a great degree on early votes cast in such crucial states as Florida, Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa.

Republican challenger Mitt Romney is looking to build up that early vote as well and do better than John McCain did in 2008.

Early voting has favored Democrats, drawing heavily from the African-American community. This year, Republican legislatures have tried to limit early voting in states such as Ohio and Florida.