If not, you do now.  I have a dental appointment later today and can't wait.

Why, you ask, would anyone enjoy going to the dentist?  I have my Uncle Rollie to thank.  He was in dental school at Northwestern and would come home on break and "practice" on his nieces and nephews.

He would line us up and proceed to check for cavities, floss our teeth and administer a fluoride treatment.  It was sitting on the edge of Grandma's bathtub where my "bravery" first started.  How could I be afraid of the dentist - he was my Uncle Rollie.

I do remember one bad experience though.  Uncle Rollie found a small cavity and recommended Mom and Dad take me to see Dr. _____ (I won't use his name in case any of his relatives are reading this).  But let's just say, the locals referred to him as "The Butcher."

He drilled out my cavity and filled it back in - with no nova cane.  And I didn't cry (maybe I was in some sort of shock).  I remember getting up from the chair and my Mom commenting on how she could still see me finger prints on the arm rests.

That's really the only time I was ever in any horrible pain.  It was shortly after that Uncle Rollie started up his practice in Sioux Falls and we switched over to him.

Uncle Rollie retired recently, but truly had a knack for his chosen profession.  To this day, when I cross paths with any of his former patients and they discover we're related, they always comment on how "gentle of a dentist" he was.  I'm happy to say, I now go to someone who is just as pain-free.

Well, gotta get ready.  I need to floss real good before my appointment and If I get a good report card, I get a new toothbrush and dental floss - waxed, none the less.  I hope it's mint flavored!