A South Dakota Highway Trooper was injured Wednesday morning as he tried to make a stop after a chase in Sioux Falls just after 2:30 AM.

Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says the chase ended on Western Avenue near Interstate 229.

“There was a traffic stop early this morning. A trooper was trying to stop a vehicle. That vehicle ended up stopping in the area of 57th and Western Avenue in Sioux Falls. At some point in time the suspect backed up and ended up running over the trooper before leaving."

According to Clemens the officer was taken to the hospital with "serious injuries." The extent of those injuries are unknown at this time. The officer was later identified as 34-year-old Andrew Steen, an 8 year veteran of the South Dakota Highway Patrol.


Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens Explains What Happened:


One witness stated that the chase reached speeds of up to 80 mph.

At some point during the situation, shots were fired by officers at the suspects vehicle.

"The suspect’s car was disabled and stopped near 47th and Western Avenue," continued Clemens. "She was taken into custody and also taken to the hospital.”

Attorney General Marty Jackley confirmed that the suspect is suffering from gunshot wounds.

The name of the suspect have not been released. Western Avenue was closed during the incident, but is now open for morning traffic.


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