Time to say goodbye to Daylight Saving Time and return to Standard Time.

So why the picture of the train?  A listener recently emailed me the most interesting piece of trivia...

Did you know that at 2am Saturday, all passenger trains in the country will stop where they're at?  And then at 3am, when all the clocks and schedules are back in sync, they'll start rolling again.

So what about in the Spring when we add an hour?  According to a spokesperson for the Railroad Association, they just "try a little harder" to make up for lost time.

You think about it though, the railroads have had a lot to do with how we Americans keep time.  It was at a railroad meeting in 1883 where the four time zones were established -Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific.

I've never had the opportunity to ride a passenger train; I'd like to though.  That's one of the things on my bucket list.  I'd like to hitch a ride on Amtrak out to the Pacific Northwest and then cruise up to Alaska.

Speaking of Amtrak, can you name the only two states that don't have Amtrak service?  South Dakota and Oklahoma.

Between the time change thing and the Amtrak question, that should be good for a couple of free beers from your buddies this weekend!